Women Rights

Women in India face a lot of social inequalities ranging from gender-specific abortions, mistreatment by their spouses, to eve teasing. Most women aren’t aware of women rights in India and other times their legal rights are not protected as they should be. Women empowerment plays a significant role in letting them know their rights.

 In India, the dowry prohibition act which was enacted in 1961 outlaws the giving or receiving of dowry. However, giving and receiving of dowry is still practiced to date. Women are faced with the pressure of giving dowry to the bridegroom’s family. This is a violation of the women rights in India because it gives them financial burdens. The dowry is considered as a bribe to the man so that he can agree to keep the woman, especially if she is too old to be unmarried. Dowry can be anything from cash to gifts.

 Dowry is not only given before the wedding but the husband’s family expects to be given gifts and/or cash even after the wedding. This places a heavy financial strain on the bride’s family. If the husband and his family are dissatisfied with the dowry, they can mistreat the wife. The dowry system in India is the root of many problems against women such as bride burning and female foeticide. If strict measures are put in place to combat the dowry system, a lot of problems that face women can be eliminated.