Mother and Child Care Program

Mother-child health is the highest priority in poverty health care. On the one hand it is the most cost effective. On the other hand it has the largest teaching component and is the most effective in promoting health, nutrition, hygiene and family planning awareness

 Aims of Mother-Child Care:

  •  To give teaching on mother child care and the above topic to mothers, families and neighborhood groups.
  • To provide preventive interventions at appropriate stages of pregnancy, delivery and childhood.
  • To detect danger signs and so prevent problems of pregnancy, delivery, post-partum and early childhood.
  • To provide primary treatment for common conditions and hospital referral when necessary.

 The actions are all low-cost and readily performed by primary health workers but require ongoing training organization and supervision, with consultatory back-up and a referral system (particularly for pre-eclampsia/eclampisia, complicated deliveries severe malnutrition and serious infections.)

 The Mother-child village health care programme now has its own separate small office.  Village surveys have been done and family cards prepared for homes in nearby villages.