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Home nursing services in Bangalore
Home nursing services in Bangalore
Home nursing services in Bangalore

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Home Healthcare service in Bangalore is among the foremost concerns of several residents of this metro city since they are believed to be the oldest group of patients with special healthcare needs. In today’s modern world, so many medical clinics and hospitals are located far away from here that home healthcare professionals are in great danger. As we all know, Bangalore has a bustling health industry with many medical facilities to offer. In addition, the city also offers a home to innumerable researchers and medical practitioners from all over India. Our home care nurses are professionally trained.

Home Healthcare Service

There are many senior homes as well. All these factors put the burden of home healthcare service on a lot of caretakers who are charged with the responsibility of looking after the elderly. Home healthcare nursing service in Bangalore is a unique home healthcare service within the sphere of nursing care. The service enables elderly people to stay at home and receive nursing care without moving from their homes. These trained and experienced nurses conduct a thorough check-up and help them to recover gradually.

Home nursing care service in India is one such home health nursing service provider in India which caters to more than one million senior citizens. Since home healthcare service in India provides different home care services in Bangalore, people from various states across India migrate to Bangalore to avail of these services.

Nursing home care|Home Healthcare Service

Nursing home care is also provided by many well-reputed home care agencies which have been providing nursing home care services for more than thirty years in Bangalore. Another major home healthcare service is conducted by many private medical organizations based in India. These organizations employ doctors and nursing staff who are trained and certified. Some of these service providers are based in Bangalore and some are based in other major cities of India. Home health care services are popularly known as in-home care services and are provided by trained and professionally qualified nursing professionals. Home nursing care services commence on the advice of a medical practitioner and some of the basic medical attention.

Patient’s diet and nutrition monitoring|Home Healthcare Service

Regular check-ups as per the doctor’s prescription. Blood pressure monitoring, temperature, and heart rate reading. We also give our best in Ensuring the safety of the patient at home, and Educating the patient about all the related information about self–care. We at spandhana also Regularly update and co-coordinate with the doctor to provide the best proper course of health care to our patients. spandhana is the single most reliable and superior quality home nursing service in Bangalore that provide a robust team of qualified nurse professionals, physiotherapists, and home healthcare aides to help you get the best of medical care at affordable rates that too at the comfort of your home. Our home healthcare services in Bangalore go beyond just providing a trained nurse or skilled caretaker at the residence of the patient. We firmly believe in playing an integral role as an extended family member and taking ownership of the patient’s overall care. Our central team works in partnership with the employed nurse or caretaker at the patient’s home to help with every crucial patient necessity. Our skilled nurses also have the right language skills and a profile to communicate with the patient and to become their companion in the journey to recovery.

The Demand for Home Healthcare Service in Bangalore

The demand for home healthcare services in Bangalore has been growing rapidly and there has been a noticeable increase in the population registering a rise of about fifteen percent per annum in the last ten years. Bangalore has witnessed a rise in the number of, who are staying in the city, resulting in the growth in the number of nursing homes and in-home healthcare centers. It is because of all these factors that more people are now opting for home healthcare services in Bangalore. The major benefit of home healthcare service in Bangalore, in the primary stage, is that there is no requirement for admission and registration of patients. Once the patient is registered, the home healthcare service starts right away. We at spandhana with our professional team members always work on giving the best care & warmth and affection to all your loved ones.

Professional Trained Nurses

Our nurses are also trained with the essential values that will eventually help them in serving their society & There are various organizations in India that provide home healthcare services in Bangalore. However, most of these organizations have limited capacity and resources. For the implementation of this improved  service, an adequate amount of skilled professionals is required, along with experienced healthcare staff. In most organizations, the local population constitutes the majority of the employees and the organization has to cater to the needs of everyone in the locality. Thus, this field also involves various difficulties and risks and thus the working conditions may be less secure than the standard medical practice in the hospital.

5 Reasons You Need Home Healthcare Services in Bangalore


Independence- one of the most important reasons you need home health care is to maintain independence and dignity. 2. Security- Home healthcare services are also important for your safety. 3. Socialization- Home healthcare services can help you stay social, which is something that we all need to do sometimes but might find difficult to do otherwise. 4. Prevention- The home health care service in bangalore also provides a preventative component because it will allow you to live at home and avoid accidents that could happen while doing everyday tasks around the house like cooking or taking a shower. 5. Treatment- Home healthcare service providers have medical experience and have been trained on how to treat patients with special needs like patients who may not be able to walk without assistance or are wheelchair bound.

Improved quality of life

Home healthcare services not only provide comfort and peace of mind for the loved ones at home but also allow you to focus on your child’s education or career without worrying about taking care of aging parents services in Bangalore help people stay at home as long as possible so they don’t have to deal with being confined to a hospital bed when they can be sleeping in their own bed surrounded by family. Home healthcare services in Bangalore are more than just medical assistance; it is also companionship, nutrition and hygiene support, emergency response systems for emergencies at home, skilled nursing services etc. Home health care service in Bangalore make it easy to find caregivers that speak English which reduces the language barrier making them comfortable around the caregiver who is able to take good care of them.

Comprehensive care

Home healthcare services are a vital component of the elderly and disabled population. With care, you can receive comprehensive care without having to leave your home. This will help you maintain your independence for as long as possible. Home healthcare services include:
– Home Nursing – Personal care – Dementia/Alzheimer’s Care – Respite Care – Housekeeping – Dietitian consultations – Private duty nurses – Physical therapy – Speech therapy – Occupational therapy
– Home health care professionals can work with family members or friends who act as caregivers. They also offer counseling if necessary.
– Medical professionals may perform home visits that focus on specific conditions like pain management, acute medical needs, wound management and infusion treatments.
– Home healthcare services are tailored to meet individual needs so they may include things like intravenous fluids, tube feedings and oxygen administration.

Continuity of care

Continuity of care is the most important aspect of services. A home health care service provider will help with daily tasks that the person may need assistance with, such as bathing and dressing. The home health care service also offers medications at regular intervals to make sure the person takes their medication correctly and on time. The home healthcare provider will also offer emotional support for both the person needing assistance and their family members.

Reduced cost

Home health care services in Bangalore are not only necessary for the elderly and those with chronic diseases, but it can also be a significant cost saving. There is no need to hire a nurse or an assistant to stay at home with your loved ones 24/7 while they recover from an injury or illness. Home health care service in bangalore ensures that everyone gets restful sleep during the night, so you don’t have to worry about that either. Home health care service in bangalore allows them to regain their independence by enabling them to cook their own food, get up when they want, bathe themselves or dress. It makes life much easier on caregivers as well because there is no need for nurses or assistants to live with your loved one 24 hours a day.